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B2B contract in Poland – what does it mean?

Running a business is often connected with concluding B2B agreements. This phrase can be seen on numerous occasions, but is always tied to the entrepreneur – which can run their business in the form of a sole tradership, a partnership or a company. What is hiding under B2B then?

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Simplified joint-stock company in Polish Commercial Companies Code from 1st July 2021

Simplified joint-stock company (prosta spółka akcyjna) is a new type of a Polish company which will start to operate after 1st July 2021, among limited liability company (spółka z o.o.) and joint-stock company (spółka akcyjna). In theory, simplified joint-stock company was created for young businesses and start-ups.

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Commercial proxy – an attorney of an entrepreneur

In the context of companies and partnerships, phrase “commercial proxy” is commonly present. You can expect that such a commercial proxy is a major figure from the sole fact that companies and partnerships disclose such commercial proxy in National Court Registry. So what exactly is a commercial proxy?

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Remuneration of a member of the Management Board

Member of the Management Board can provide his management services for the company free of charge. However, he also might receive remuneration. There are many ways of remunerating the members, but every each of them is connected with different responsibilities.

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Partnerships and companies in Polish law

Polish business entities are differentiated between those that base on non-material assets such as personal involvement (partnerships) and those in which capital plays a greater role (companies).

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Coronavirus and executing trade contracts

The global coronavirus outbreak has put tradesmen, as well as entrepreneurs, in a very difficult situation. The execution of previously signed contracts is currently difficult, sometimes even impossible. What steps can and should be taken to protect the one’s business?

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