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Subletting a leased or rented vehicle

Car rental companies have different profiles and different target customer groups (e.g., replacement car rental companies, long-term rental companies, premium car rental companies). In any case, the fundamental challenge for a newly established company is to acquire a fleet of rental vehicles. The simplest solution is to purchase vehicles, but this requires having sufficient capital or taking a loan. Therefore, a good solution is a lease agreement or a vehicle rental agreement – they allow the rental company to spread the cost of obtaining a car over time. But in each case, is the possibility of profitably providing customers with owned vehicles unlimited?

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NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) – is it worth signing?

The NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), is an extremely popular business contract. It is designed to protect information of particular importance to a party (usually financial, business, commercial, technological). An NDA may be concluded either before, at the beginning of or during a business relationship. What are the characteristics of an NDA and when is it worth considering signing one?

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How to legally hire a foreigner in Poland?

Globalization and the dynamic flow of human capital are increasingly prompting Polish entrepreneurs to hire foreigners, including those not from European Union countries. What is the procedure for hiring a foreigner? This article is dedicated to the procedure for hiring a foreigner working under employment contract.

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Leasing – basic information about leasing agreement

Nowadays we can observe a general interest of entrepreneurs in leasing as a form of financing investments – such as e.g. a car. What is leasing? How is it different from a lease? What is a financial leasing and what is an operating leasing?

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Total loss and partial loss – which insurance should be used to settle?

In the event of a road collision which resulted in a damage on your car, the most obvious way to repair the damage is to seek compensation from an insurance company. There are two possible ways to deal with this issue: if the other driver was the perpetrator of the damage, you are entitled to seek compensation under vehicle liability insurance (“OC insurance”). However if you entered into an own-damage vehicle insurance agreement (“AC insurance”), you are entitled to seek compensation from the insurance company regardless of whose fault the collision was. What should you take into consideration when making a decision? What are the differences in settlements under both of the insurance types?

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Fixed-term employment contract in Poland – legal limitations

Fixed-term employment contract is a tool commonly used to establish an employment relationship. However, where does the freedom and flexibility of this type of agreement end and its limitations begin?

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