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I have been providing legal assistance for entrepreneurs for many years. I know that preventing incorrect legal decisions is better than any attempt to cure them afterwards. I am ready to make the agreement your are willing to sign or a company you are planning to establish successful. In legal and business field.


Scope of services

Beginning entrepreneurs

The newly-established enterprises do not operate only in IT field. They also run design workshops, natural cosmetics’ manufactures or online shops. Regardless of the branch of my client and the stage of their business, I am always glad to explain all troubling issues, guide my client’s activity to correct paths, encourage him to take certain measures and sometimes also cool their ideas if their implementation could expose them to negative consequences.

Small and medium enterprises

Negotiations with clients, development of the brand on new markets, problems with effective recovery, structural changes in the company – these are the most frequent reasons for small and medium enterprises to search for legal assistance. I am glad to advise and assist the entrepreneurs throughout the course of their business activity.

Associations and foundations

Associations and foundations which operate currently in Poland are rarely classical non-profit organizations. More frequently, they act “non for profit” and their business activity is a way to earn funds for their statutory purposes. Once the non-profit performance and the business activity exist together, legal assistance quite often turns out to be necessary.

French Desk

For many years I have been providing legal services for French-speaking clients who begin their business activity in Poland. I have also worked with Polish entrepreneurs whose clients have their registered office in one of the French-speaking countries. The peculiarity of these regions and French culture makes the French-speaking customers keen on working with French-speaking lawyers. Such clients often expect that contracts, minutes or requests will be drafted in bilingual or French version.

My experience

My name is Daria Milewska

I am an attorney, registered on the list of attorneys in the Warsaw Bar Association, as well as on the list of French-speaking attorneys held by the Embassy of France in Poland.

I graduated from the faculty of law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, as well as at Université Toulouse 1 – Capitole in Toulouse in the south of France.

I provide legal assistance in Polish, English and French. I also easily communicate in Spanish.


ABC of an entrepreneur

Even during execution of some standard legal activities, entrepreneurs may encounter hurdles and traps. It is important to familiarize with them in advance to avoid exposing one’s business to risk. On my blog I am trying to clarify unobvious legal issues related to company law, labor and civil matters or insolvency of companies.

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Central Register of Beneficial Owners (CRBO)

Central Register of Beneficial Owners (CRBO) is an electronic register made in order to gather data concerning natural persons who are ultimate beneficial owners of a company or a partnership. Its main purpose is to deter money loundering and financing terrorism. In order to gain access to the register or to apply for the register, you have to visit the website:

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Contractual and statutory warranty – similarities and differences

Not everyone knows that Polish system differentiates between contractual warranty and statutory warranty. They are two diverse instruments, yet used in relatively similar situations. Even less people are aware of the exact differences between them. What are the differences and what are the similarities between contractual and statutory warranty?

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B2B contract in Poland – what does it mean?

Running a business is often connected with concluding B2B agreements. This phrase can be seen on numerous occasions, but is always tied to the entrepreneur – which can run their business in the form of a sole tradership, a partnership or a company. What is hiding under B2B then?

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Simplified joint-stock company in Polish Commercial Companies Code from 1st July 2021

Simplified joint-stock company (prosta spółka akcyjna) is a new type of a Polish company which will start to operate after 1st July 2021, among limited liability company (spółka z o.o.) and joint-stock company (spółka akcyjna). In theory, simplified joint-stock company was created for young businesses and start-ups.

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Commercial proxy – an attorney of an entrepreneur

In the context of companies and partnerships, phrase “commercial proxy” is commonly present. You can expect that such a commercial proxy is a major figure from the sole fact that companies and partnerships disclose such commercial proxy in National Court Registry. So what exactly is a commercial proxy?

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Remuneration of a member of the Management Board

Member of the Management Board can provide his management services for the company free of charge. However, he also might receive remuneration. There are many ways of remunerating the members, but every each of them is connected with different responsibilities.

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