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What is the Management Board, a shareholder, share or share capital in a limited liability company (LLC)?

Limited liability company is one of the most popular forms of business activity in Poland. Shereholders, the Management Board and share capital – these are terms that are constantly mentioned in this context. So, what is share capital and how much should it be? Where can you register a limited liability company? How does the Management Board differ from a shareholder?

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Liquidation of a limited liability company 

Decision to wind up a business sometimes appears to be necessary. But how do you dissolve a company? What is a liquidation? What does it involve? How is it carried out? The answers to these questions can be found below.

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How to properly and effectively fill out an application for type A work permit?

It is important to distinguish between a residence permit and a work permit. A residence permit is a foreigner’s authorization to legally stay in Poland, and the issue of obtaining such a permit remains with the foreigner. A work permit, on the other hand, is the authorization to take up a legal employment when the foreigner already has a legal residence in Poland. It is worth noting that the application for a work permit is made by the foreigner’s employer, and this permit is is strictly linked to a specific workplace.

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Single-member Limited Liability Company

Statistically, Limited Liability Company (spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością) is the most popular type of a commercial company. The provisions of Polish Commercial Companies Code permit a natural person to be a single member of an LLC. Incorporating such an entity seems to be a profitable arrangement. Can it be considered profitable in reality?

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Subletting a leased or rented vehicle

Car rental companies have different profiles and different target customer groups (e.g., replacement car rental companies, long-term rental companies, premium car rental companies). In any case, the fundamental challenge for a newly established company is to acquire a fleet of rental vehicles. The simplest solution is to purchase vehicles, but this requires having sufficient capital or taking a loan. Therefore, a good solution is a lease agreement or a vehicle rental agreement – they allow the rental company to spread the cost of obtaining a car over time. But in each case, is the possibility of profitably providing customers with owned vehicles unlimited?

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NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) – is it worth signing?

The NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), is an extremely popular business contract. It is designed to protect information of particular importance to a party (usually financial, business, commercial, technological). An NDA may be concluded either before, at the beginning of or during a business relationship. What are the characteristics of an NDA and when is it worth considering signing one?

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