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Small and medium enterprises

Negotiations with clients, development of the brand on new markets, problems with effective recovery, structural changes in the company – these are the most frequent reasons for small and medium enterprises to search for legal assistance. I am glad to advise and assist the entrepreneurs throughout the course of their business activity.

How to carry out changes in the company?

The companies experience frequent changes. This concerns the structure of shares, as well as the Management Board of the company, its registered office and the value of the share capital.

I try to meet entrepreneurs’ needs by providing legal assistance which covers:

  • assisting in the process of establishing the subsidiary
  • introducing changes in the Articles of Association of a company
  • preparing drafts of shareholders’ resolutions
  • preparing sale of shares’ agreement in a limited liability company
  • comprehensive assistance in registration of changes in the National Court Register (KRS)
  • establishing succession’s regulations in the company
  • comprehensive assistance in divisions, mergers and acquisitions of a company
  • comprehensive assistance in liquidation of a company or bankruptcy proceedings
  • comprehensive assistance in restructuring of a company
  • preparing powers of attorney and commercial powers of attorney (prokura)
  • legal advice related to possibilities of the Management Board’s liability limitation

How to hire or dismiss employees?

In case of any company the human resources’ needs fluctuate. I am glad to advise on the most suitable form of employment, as well as on the specific stipulations which shall be introduced into the agreement with an employee or a subcontractor in a particular case. I also provide my assistance once the employment relationship needs to be terminated. I take care that such process is carried out in line with legal provisions and that it turns out to be as smooth as possible for both parties.

I provide legal assistance for small and medium enterprises which covers:

  • legal advice on recruiting and employing staff, co-workers and subcontractors
  • preparing employment agreements, service agreements, specific-task contracts or agency agreements
  • preparing management contracts
  • preparing work and salary regulations
  • preparing documents determining scope of duties for certain posts
  • legal advice on termination of agreements executed with employees, co-workers and subcontractors
  • preparing letters and settlements related to termination of agreements with employees, co-workers and subcontractors
  • preparing non-competition agreements
  • representing in court proceedings related to employment matters

How to secure your interests in commercial relationships?

Execution of written agreements with customers is not a sufficient way of taking care of your business interests. Introducing deadlines for execution of certain obligations or taking into account non-disclosure stipulations once a trade secret is at stake, may be equally important.

I am glad to assist my clients in particular in:

  • preparing commercial agreements with customers
  • preparing framework agreements
  • preparing non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • preparing exclusivity agreements
  • legal advice on contracts in course and their renegotiations
  • preparing documents related to termination of agreements (termination letters, withdrawal statements, terminations by mutual consent)
  • representing before courts of law in matters related to execution, performance or termination of agreements
  • registering a trade mark

What to do if the contractor is behind on payments?

Problems with unpaid invoices are a common concern of all entrepreneurs. From my experience I know that sometimes the reasons are simple – overlooking of the invoice or some banking hurdles. In such a case, a telephone or email reminder is usually sufficient. However, once the reasons for the lack of payment are more serious, prompt undertaking of necessary measures makes the full recovery of the due sums more probable.

I assist my clients in particular in:

  • preparing official reminders and formal requests for payment
  • preparing written acknowledgement of debt by the contractor
  • preparing requests for settlement
  • preparing law suits against Polish contractors
  • preparing law suits against foreign contractors
  • representing before courts of law
  • preparing enforcement motions
  • representing in enforcement proceedings

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