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Beginning entrepreneurs

The newly-established enterprises do not operate only in IT field. They also run design workshops, natural cosmetics’ manufactures or online shops. Regardless of the branch of my client and the stage of their business, I am always glad to explain all troubling issues, guide my client’s activity to correct paths, encourage him to take certain measures and sometimes also cool their ideas if their implementation could expose them to negative consequences.

How to start a business?

Self-employment as a sole trader, general partnership, limited liability company, civil partnership – business activity in Poland may be run in different legal forms. The decision on the most suitable one should be made after the analysis of the scope of the planned activity, branch, expenses and budget, as well as the number of potential partners.

I provide legal assistance from the very beginning of one’s activity in particular in the following matters:

  • choosing the most suitable legal form of the activity
  • preparing drafts of articles of association of a general partnership, limited partnership or limited liability company
  • establishing a partnership or a company and their registering in the National Court Register (KRS)
  • preparing drafts of articles of association of a civil partnership
  • preparing drafts of a lease agreement
  • preparing drafts of a rental agreement
  • registering a trade mark

How to execute contracts?

The choice of a the most suitable legal form to start a business activity is the first step forward. The next one consists in building a customer base. At that stage execution of numerous contracts, not only with clients, but also with lessors, suppliers or sellers turns out to be necessary. It is important to act in line with binding legal provisions from the very beginning.

That is why I provide legal assistance to beginning entrepreneurs which covers:

  • preparing commercial agreements with contractors
  • preparing framework agreements with contractors
  • preparing model contracts
  • preparing non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • preparing exclusivity agreements
  • preparing non-competition agreements
  • preparing lease or rental agreements
  • assessing and analyzing contracts
  • preparing policies for online stores

How to hire employees?

In a developing enterprise the division of work and tasks becomes a necessity at one moment.

In order to make this process as smooth as possible I provide legal assistance for beginning entrepreneurs which covers:

  • organizing the recruitment of employees, co-workers and subcontractors in line with legal provisions
  • choosing a suitable form of cooperation with an employee or subcontractor
  • preparing drafts of specific-task contracts, service agreements or employment agreements
  • preparing drafts of specific-task contracts with transfer of copyrights for IT enterprises
  • preparing non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • preparing exclusivity agreements
  • preparing non-competition agreements

How to obtain necessary consents or permissions?

In some sectors of business the decision to start the activity in a chosen legal form is not enough. Because there are some permissions, consents or licenses at stake.

I provide legal assistance for beginning entrepreneurs in particular in:

  • representing before administration authorities
  • preparing motions and letters
  • preparing appeals against decisions in the administrative procedure
  • preparing appeals to the administrative courts
  • representing in administrative procedure and before administrative courts

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